Can Holiday Allowance Affect Employee Motivation

Here in Britain we are slowly returning to work after the extended weekend that comes around every August. The Bank Holiday gives everyone a chance to enjoy a bit of extra time in the summer sun which should get us all ready for the build up to the next break we’ll get at Christmas. In Britain we face the very unusual situation of offices being either depleted or completely empty for much of August and the week over Christmas, but do our holidays make us more motivated at work?

An interesting article on the BBC website explores the freedoms we have with our holidays in Britain compared with the much shorter, and in some cases non existent holidays employees are granted in the USA. It would appear from reading the article that the US is the only country out of the top 21 richest in the world not to impose a legal mandate on employers granting time off. But what does this do to employee motivation? Do us Brits find ourselves more motivated as a result of our holidays or does the time they take up interfere with overall productivity?

There will be many views from many quarters arguing the merits or otherwise of employee holidays, but their effect on motivation should not be ignored. The idea of holiday allowance being awarded on merit or as a result of long service is one that may appeal to some companies as a way of offering an incentive to workers. But rather than motivating junior employees, could this approach just lead to staff resenting those co-workers who have holiday allowances that they don’t?

Burnout is also a factor in employees’ holiday as a well deserved break from work can ease stress levels and allow staff time away from the stresses and strains of work. Although work levels may be hit while employees take holiday, there is surely an argument that productivity levels out when compared with stressed, tired and unmotivated staff who have not been granted holiday.

There is no doubt that employees in Britain are lucky when it comes to their holiday allowance, and changes in the law over the years have made it a much fairer working environment for employees with rights and privileges that have never been seen before.

Employee motivation is now key, with bosses realising that they will get more out of a happy and rewarded workforce than by cracking the whip. Indeed, employee motivation is now big business, with strategies and award schemes being established to offer employees incentives and rewards for improving their work.

This British approach to working practices has done well to survive given the increasing use of American corporate motivation practices by UK firms. It would appear that whatever practices are adopted over here, there’s nothing that will ever stop us from enjoying our holiday.

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Humana Gold Offers Great Deals For International Travelers

If you are looking for a health insurance company that gives you exactly what you want in a plan with the added benefits of the coverage that you are expecting from a great health insurance company try checking out Humana gold coverage. There are many benefits of Humana gold coverage including one of a kind service that Humana gold only offers like giving customers the opportunity to pick their own doctor. There are many health insurance companies out there that require you to pick a doctor or medical specialist because they are under their coverage plan but with Humana gold it is different. As long as you find a hospital, nurse, or specialist that takes Medicare and the terms of Humana you will be able to use these doctors, this is especially great for people living anywhere in the country because there are many doctors across the country in almost every start that accept Medicare as well as Humanas terms.

Humana gold also has an exceptional deal that many people cant believe because it is too good to be true, through one of the affordable plans through this company you are eligible to get health care coverage if anything were to go wrong anywhere in the world. This is like your own personal international health care coverage. The employees at Humana understand that going out and traveling is important to many people and they want to make the experience as good as possible for people who are traveling, this decreases the hassle of purchasing travelers insurance and gives people the relief that they need when they are traveling.

Another great benefit that Humana Gold offers its customers as a way to show their appreciation to their customers is by offering their customers a very low cost for monthly copayments and also very low monthly premiums in order to make these plans affordable for everyone. There are many companies out there today who jack up their monthly premium prices in order to make a huge profit off their customers and Humana gold is not one of these companies that does that. Also, with their great plan when it comes to picking the doctor that you want you also can pick a plan where you dont need a referral in order to see a doctor, this is great for two reasons. The first main reason is because you can schedule a visit with a doctor without having to worry about getting a referral first, if you dont have the time to do it its fine! Also, not having to have referrals is also very helpful if you have children who are also covered under the Humana plan, this is because you wont have to drive them to a pre-doctors appointment just to get a referral, you just bring them to the specialist that they need to see and you are done.

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Holiday Trip Choosing The Best Resort

Plan A Holiday With Your Loved Ones

Are you planning for a family vacation? It’s one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you have decided to go on a holiday with your family, you should always look for a family resort. A classy and luxurious holiday with your family can help you to get out of the stress and strain.

How To Choose The Best Resort?

Tip 1

Compare The Different Options

You should never ever choose a resort randomly. Compare all the different options to make sure that you choose the one which comes within your budget. Therefore, you should take your time to do an online research to learn about the best accommodation options to choose for your next holiday. Remember, you should always plan your holiday in advance so that you get the time to compare the different options.

Tip 2

Visit The Official Website Of The Resort

Firstly, you should take some time to visit the official website of the resort/hotel to know more about them. Most of the resorts publish the pictures of the accommodation facilities and other activities in the website. You can also find detailed description of the services along with the charges. Go through the details on the official website of the resort before calling them.

Tip 3

Check Online Reviews

You should look for some online reviews on different resorts. Look for the top travel or tourism websites to get some genuine reviews on the resorts. Remember, you should never ever choose a resort only on the basis of the online reviews. If the resorts have some negative reviews, you should consider looking for some other option.

Tip 4

Call The Customer Service Department

If you have chosen a particular resort, you should give a call to the customer service department to ask about the cost of the services or activities offered by them. If you have a chosen a classy and luxurious resort, you have the right to demand for quality services.

Remember, you should never ever choose a resort if the customer care representative fails to answer any of your query. If the customer care professionals are not friendly and helpful, you may not expect quality services from them. Therefore, you should take your time to choose the best resort for your holiday. Keep all these tips in mind to choose the best holiday resort.

Happy Holiday!

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Sun And Snow – Why The French Alps Make The Perfect Family Holiday

For families, especially those who appreciate nature, the French Alps are the perfect holiday destination. Fresh Alpine air, lush pine forests, green meadows and valleys, crystal lakes, and majestic mountains are just the beginning of this region’s many attractions. The family-friendliness of the area is perhaps most apparent in its numerous catered chalets, which provide the perfect mix of comfort, luxury, and privacy. Some can sleep as many as 30 people, which is great for extended families.

Of course, lovely as they are, theres a lot more to the French Alps than its picture-perfect catered chalets. Listed below are some attractions and activities that are perfect for families. From extreme water sports, leisurely nature hikes, or informative tours, every member of the family is sure to have a fun and memorable time.

Play in the snow

Just looking out the windows of its lovely catered chalets, you can already tell that its pristine slopes and state-of-the-art skiing facilities are definitely among the main attractions of Tignes. However, the younger set may want to engage in a sport they consider more hip and exciting. If your family wants to try something new, snowboarding is the perfect activity to learn together.

In Tignes, snowboarding schools offer lessons to students of different ages and skill levels. Students can also choose how intensive their lessons to befrom basic courses that take only a day to longer advanced courses. Once you and your loved ones have your snow legs, you can all head on out to play together in the snow or challenge yourself on the slopes.

Enjoy a day in the sun

If beautiful nature is what youre after, youll definitely be spoiled for choice during your holiday in the French Alpsjust look out the window of your cosy catered chalets and youll know what we mean. It almost doesnt matter which town you choose, the sheer beauty of the region is sure amaze you. Lake Geneva, for example, is the perfect place for a family picnicenjoying the lovely scenery imbibing in wine, cheese, chocolate, and other Swiss delicacies. The sunlight hitting the blue water and the surrounding greenery is perfect for picture-taking and watching boats on the lake; afterwards, you can engage in water sports such as sailing, swimming, and boating. You can even reserve a campsite if you want to rough it and spend some time away from your catered chalets. The best view of the Alps and the surrounding areas, however, is by cable car, so head on up to Aiguille du Midi, which is the steepest cable (an arguably the most thrilling) ride on Earth.

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Best Tennis Hotel And Resort In The Mediterranean Ideal For Tennis Groups, Tennis Camps, Team Prep

LykiaWorld ldeniz (Turkey) has been rated among the Top Ten tennis hotels and resorts in the Med by UK tennis magazine ACE for four consecutive years. If tennis is your sport, you will find everything you need at this hotel and resort. 19 tennis courts with an artificial grass and quartz sand surface (very similar to red clay), out of which 7 have floodlights, are at your disposal. And the best is, you do not even have to pay for the courts, because they are for free!

LykiaWorlds International Tennis Academy and their licensed tennis coaches give tennis training for individuals and groups, organise two weekly tournaments and the annual LykiaWorld Cup, where you can win a free voucher for a week at LykiaWorld. Starting 2009, there will even be an ITF Seniors tournament for those players who want to win points for the ITF World ranking for Seniors.

If you are a beginner or want to improve your game, you can start by participating in the weekly free try-out lesson, after which it will be up to you to decide whether you want to join one of the ITAs training programs. ITAs modern ERGO-Tennis method bases on biomechanics and up-to-date teaching concepts. Learning tennis has never been easier, and it is a fun way to learn as well!
If you just want to hit a few balls or play a match, rackets and balls can be rented at the tennis office for a small fee.

And since 2008, LykiaWorld has a second destination to offer to tennis fans: the brand new 5-star hotel resort LykiaWorld & LinksGolf Antalya with its 8 tennis courts organised by International Tennis Academy and the 18-hole Championship golf course, which is the only LinksGolf course in the Med! Whether you are a tennis player who wants to try golf with the Golf Academy or a golfer who likes to play some tennis as well, you can do both here.

If you have a group of tennis players planning a training camp, a tennis club or a tennis team that wants to prepare for the outdoor season, then LykiaWorld is the right place for you. Make a reservation for the tennis courts you need from at home there is only a small reservation fee for this service and your tennis holiday will be the best you ever had. Take a look at the website to get more detailed information and use the Contact Us form to send an email to International Tennis Academy to make your court reservation.

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